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The Technical-Skills-People-Skills Chart: Be Aware of Negative Energy

The technical skills and people skills are important metrics determining how valuable employees are to a company. In this article, we argue that employees with excellent technical skills may be negative energy, if accompanied with poor people skills. First, let's examine the technical-skills-people-skills chart. The blank squares correspond to the employees who are poor either in technical skills or in people skills, and not excellent in any. Such employees generally do not exist in a company -- they either were not hired in the first place, or have been let go. Majority of the employees possess ok technical skills and ok people skills, although the "ok" bar varies from company to company. Good engineers tend to have excellent technical skills and ok people skills, while good managers tend to have excellent people skills and ok technical skills. It can be rare to get employees who are excellent in both -- they are the super stars. It is questionable whether to h